About Us 
FSBC is...
A Place of Friendship:
The joy of Christian friendship is a big part of our fellowship. Building bonds of lasting friendships within our church family is a
high priority at FSBC. We would love to extend our circle of friendship to include you and your family.
A Place for Enrichment:
We offer many opportunities to grow spiritually for every age level. We have activities and classes for children, teens, and adults. Without a doubt, you will find a place where you can be personally enriched.

A Place for Worship:
Our Sunday morning and evening services are focused upon God with the intent of coming before His throne in humility and awe.

A Place for Learning:
Studying the Bible is a vital part of what we are. It gives us the truths so that we can fulfill the purpose God has for our individual lives.

A Place for Service:
We accept the responsibility to reach out in service both within the church family and into the community at large. We believe the church
is here for the community not the community for the church. We hope that you will feel at home with us.

Location -11340 Circle Drive - Cornville, AZ
1 Block North of the Cornville Highway and 1 Block East of Casey's Corner.